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When is it time to sand and finish?

We recommend sanding and finishing when the hardwood floor is dulling, or has moderate to severe scratches. Also, if the finish has worn off to bare wood in high traffic areas, or if the homeowner wants to change the color or sheen of the floor, it may be time to sand and finish.

Bona Traffic is a waterborne, commercial and residential hardwood floor finish. It is the industry's premium finish for durability and beauty.  


Designed specifically for the unique demands of heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic's advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry - moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified or other waterborne finishes.




Bona Traffic Urethane

Complete Sand, Seal, and Finish for Wood Floors

Whether your wood floor is a few years old or 100+ years old, Alexander Flooring Concepts can restore it back to its natural beauty. Being the wood floor experts with over 30+ years of experience and basing our entire company on quality and customer service, we can work with you to accomplish the floor that best fits you and your home.


Determining if your hardwood floor needs a complete sand and finish depends on multiple things. A wood floor that has been used will ultimately show wear over time and have scratches, nicks dings and dents. Although this adds to the character of  your floor in some cases, many times homeowners want to bring their floor back to its former glory. The only way this can be accomplished is by a complete sand and finish of your floor. A complete sanding and finishing of your floor provides you with options of removing scratches and dents, repairs and patching, changing of color, changing of finishes and restoring. Talk to Jeff at Alexander Flooring to discover the best option for you and your floor.


Alexander Flooring offers a near dustless refinishing option along with low odor Green Guard Certified finishes for a unique experience unlike traditional methods used by our competitors.

 •  No harmful fumes - so no need to vacate your home or business

 •  Beautiful - highlight the true beauty and elegance of wood

 •  Durable - withstand heels and scratches from pets

 •  Experience & Know-how from a 90-year-old Swedish company, selling products in 65 countries worldwide

 •  Used on famous floors world-wide, such as Westminster Cathedral, Nike Headquarters, and NBA & NCAA arenas across the U.S.

 •  GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality


Why Bona Finish?

Don't give up on your hardwood floors! Call today and ask about our range of flooring restoration services.


We have been working with hardwood floors for 30 years, giving us the knowledge and experience needed to refinish and restore yours!

Personal service is key - that's why owner Jeff Alexander is always on every job we do!

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